How to Root Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Install Magisk

Furqan Shahid
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I previously did a guide on how you can go ahead and unlock the bootloader on your Galaxy Z Fold 3 and now it is time to finally proceed with rooting the device. After all, what even is the purpose of unlocking the bootloader if you are not going to root your phone.

Rooting your Galaxy Z Fold 3 is going to allow you to have the root privileges and you can dive deeper into the world of customization and have the chance to make your phone truly your own with a very simple rooting process.

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Root the Galaxy Z Fold 3 Easily and Install Magisk

If you have not already unlocked the bootloader on your device, I would suggest that you do that by heading over here. Remember, unlocking the bootloader will wipe your data, so it is always advised that you have backed everything up before proceeding.

Now that is done, let's get started with the rooting process.

  1. Download the latest version of Magisk from here and install it on your Galaxy Z Fold 3.
  2. Now, it is time to download the same firmware version that is installed on your phone. It is better that you update your phone to the latest firmware and then downloads that one. You can get the firmware from here.
  3. Extract the zip file and you will get a few files.
  4. Pick the file that starts with AP and copy it on your Galaxy Z Fold 3.
  5. Once that is done, launch the Magisk app and tap on the Install button.
  6. Tap Next, now you will get to a page where you have to tap on "Select and Patch a File" Do so and navigate to the "AP" file that you copied on your phone earlier.
  7. Once the file is patched, it will be in your phone as "magisk_patched.tar" and you can find it in the download folder. Copy the file back onto your computer.
  8. Switch off your phone and go into download mode.
  9. Once you are in download mode, launch Odin.
  10. Now, you will need to put the corresponding files into their slots. For the AP file, you will have to choose magisk_patched.tar. For the rest of the files, just choose their corresponding files from the firmware you downloaded earlier, and ignore UMS/Home CSC as we don't want to flash that.
  11. Click on Options in Odin and uncheck Auto Reboot. Once that is done, you can go ahead and click the start button.

Once the flashing is done, you will get a message on Odin. Boot your phone into recovery mode and wipe data/factory reset. Once that is done, simply reboot your Galaxy Z Fold 3.

You can check the root access using the Magisk app or any other app from the Google Play Store.

There you have it, your Galaxy Z Fold 3 is now fully rooted. However, if you want to install TWRP on your device, we will be publishing a detailed guide on that, as well.

Looking for more tutorials? Make sure you head over to this section.

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