How to Give Your Text a Retina Display Feel Using ClearType on Windows 10


Is the text on your screen hard to read or you have just switched from macOS and still trying to adjust to the display text on Windows 10? ClearType is a feature developed by Microsoft to improve the user experience by optimizing the text displayed on LCDs. It was introduced in Windows XP and has since helped users to improve readability on their monitors. Given the ideal screen scaling and resolution, ClearType can successfully mimic the feel of Apple's Retina displays as the text becomes more clear and sharp.

Here’s how you can use ClearType on Windows 10 to improve readability

  1. Open the Start menu and type cleartype in the search bar. Click on the Adjust ClearType text option to proceed.
  2. Check the Turn on ClearType box to enable the feature and preview.
    How to give your display a macOS text on Windows 10
  3. You can observe the difference before and after enabling ClearType in the preview text box below. Click on Next to continue.
  4. In order for this to work, your display needs to be set to its native resolution. If you have multiple monitors connected, you can either tune all of them or select a monitor to apply the changes individually. Click on Next to proceed once you have made the required selections.
  5. Now you will be provided with different sets of text in separate text boxes. This process will be repeated 5 times with a variety of text samples every time where you need to select the sample which feels the most comfortable to your eyes. Once you have selected the text box, click on Next.
    How to make your fonts smooth on Windows 10
  6. Select from the three sample texts present based on the details such as the size and spacing of the font. Click on Next to continue after selecting the preferred text box.
  7. Choose the ideal sample text by analyzing the parameters such as the thickness of the font and its prominence on the screen. Select Next to continue to the last sample.
    How to Enable ClearType on Windows 10
  8. Click on Next to continue after you have selected the last text box from the provided six sample texts.
  9. The ClearType Text Tuner will inform you that the tuning has been completed. Click on Finish to exit the menu.
    Font Smoothing on Windows 10

ClearType on Windows 10 is activated by default in most cases. Even after the above steps, if you are not satisfied by the text displayed on your screen then you can simply run through the sample texts again to select a different combination that meets your requirements.

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