How to Disable Weather Widget on Windows 11 Systems


When Windows 11 was first introduced, it did not have a weather widget on the left side of the taskbar. However, the weather widget appears on the left side with more recent updates. Most people don’t mind having the widget, but if for some reason you wish to remove it, you can do it easily. This tutorial will show you how to disable the weather widget on Windows 11 systems.

Disable Weather Widget Windows 11

The widgets in Windows 11 are very similar to Windows 10. They will not only show the weather, but they also show things like news, interests, etc. The process to disable this feature is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

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Step-1: Right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar Settings. Don’t click on the widget or where you see icons. Click on the blank spaces to get the settings option.

Taskbar Settings

Step-2: You will be directed to the Windows 11 settings app. Click on Taskbar items to expand the option.

Disable Weather Widget

Step-3: Turn the toggle switch next to Widgets Off. The weather widget will disappear from the taskbar as soon as you turn it off.

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Disable Weather Widget

If for some reason, you wish to enable this widget again in the future, you can follow all the above steps, and in step-3, where you turned the switch off, turn it on.
I hope this helped. If you have any more questions about Windows 11 settings and features that you may want to learn more about, let us know in the comments below.