How to Disable Game Mode on Windows 11 Computers


Windows 11 includes various customization features that allow you to personalize your pc and your experience. One such feature is the Game Mode that is enabled by default. This mode is especially for people who play a lot of PC games. This mode automatically optimizes your system for better gaming performance. However, it may sometimes cause issues. If you are not satisfied with this mode, you can quickly turn it off. In this tutorial, I will show you how to disable game mode on Windows 11 computers.

Disable Game Mode Windows 11

Before I get into the how-to disable part, I will address what this mode is. This mode will allow your games to run faster and prevent the Windows Update in settings from installing drivers that may disrupt your game in any way. This mode will rarely cause problems in performance; however, if you feel that your system is slower or your games aren’t running correctly, you can disable this mode and see if it helps. If you wish to disable the mode, follow the steps below:

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Step-1: Click on the Windows icon and then select the Settings cog. (You can also open the Settings app by using the shortcut keys Win + I)

Windows 11 Settings

Step-2: Select the Gaming from the left pane.

Disable Game Mode Windows 11

Step-3: Click on Game Mode in the right pane.

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Disable Game Mode Windows 11

Step-4: Turn the toggle switch next to Game Mode Off.

Toggle Switch

Step-5: Close Settings.

If you wish to enable Game Mode sometime later, follow all the above steps, but in Step-4, turn the toggle switch On.