How to Use Your iPad as a Magnifying Glass Running iPadOS

Transform iPad into a giant magnifying glass in iPadOS

Today we will show you how you can turn your iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro into a giant magnifying glass. This is a must-know tip.

Turn Your Current iPadOS-toting iPad into a Magnifying Glass to Zoom into Things

Using the iPhone as a magnifying glass is something which we have been doing for years. This is something which you can do in iOS 14 and iPadOS as well, and it is far more easier to pull off, too.

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Pick up your iPad right now, or your iPhone, and we will show you how you can turn it into a giant magnifying glass immediately.


Step 1. Launch the Settings app, obviously

Step 2. Tap on Control Center

Step 3. Under the More Control section find Magnifier

Step 4. Tap on the + sign next to Magnifier

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The Magnifier is now under the Included Controls section, which is exactly what you want.

Step 5. Now, go back to the Home Screen and pull down from the top right corner of the display to view Control Center

Step 6. Tap on the newly add Magnifier feature. It looks like a magnifying glass with a + sign in it

Your iPad display is now a huge viewfinder. Move the magnifying slider to the right to zoom in or out. Press the shutter button to take a still and zoom into that. You can adjust the contrast for better visibility of text or anything you are viewing. You even get the option to apply different effects to the viewfinder in order to make things more readable for you. There is everything in this place to help you zoom in.

It is truly amazing that such features in smartphones and tablets exist. These are devices which are with us most of the time. And rather than carrying ‘odd’ items in your pocket to help you in certain aspects of life, you can just reach for what is always with you to pull it off. In this instance, an iPhone or iPad as a magnifying glass to help you zoom into things.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you did, make sure you let us know in the comments section below.

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