How to Create a Protected Kids Account on Windows 10

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we work. With businesses around the world shifting their employees to a work-from-home model and schools shutting down, many families are experiencing increased screen time and sharing of same devices. If this is creating issues or you are worried about what your child is doing online, you can easily create and manage a separate child account on Windows 10 for your kids.

This is a convenient way to manage your personal space on your computer and prevent kids from erasing any important data. You can also ensure that their screen time, as well as the content that they stream, is monitored by you.

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The best part is that your entire family can be allotted separate accounts so if you have more than one child in the house then you can set up multiple profiles. All of the settings can be changed and monitored online, hence you can remotely access and change the privileges on your PC while you’re away.

Here’s how you can create kids account on Windows 10:

This guide walks you through creating a separate operating space for your kids where you can monitor and tailor their Windows 10 usage along with blocking any malicious or unwanted content that is not appropriate for your children.

  1. Open the Start menu and type settings in the search bar. Click on the Settings app to proceed.
    How to create a kid safe account on Windows 10
  2. Select the Accounts tab in the Settings menu.
    Kids Account on Windows 10
  3. Click on Family & other users to create a new account for your child.
    How to Make an Account for Your Child on Windows 10 PC
  4. Select Add a family member to begin the process.
    Create a Kids Account on Windows 10
  5. Click on Add a child, input the email address of your child and click on Next. Please note that your child must have an email, if there is no email available then one must be created in order to proceed.
    Create a Kids Account on Windows 10
  6. The system will prompt you to confirm whether you wish to add this person or not. Click on Confirm to finalize the changes.
    Add a Protected Kids Account on Windows 10 PC
  7. You will be informed once the invitation has been sent.
    How to Add a Kids Account on Windows 10
  8. Now you (or your child) can accept the invitation via accessing their email account and clicking on the Accept Invitation button provided in the email.
  9. Then you will be redirected to another link with a description of the family group and the benefits listed down. Select Sign in and join to proceed.
    Kids Account on Windows 10
  10. There will be another prompt again to confirm whether you wish to join the family or not. Click on Join the family to finalize.
    How to Make an Account for Your Child on Windows 10 PC
  11. You will be notified via your email and the system that your child has been successfully added as a family member.
  12. You can view your child’s profile online and customize it as per your requirements to tailor their Windows 10 experience yourself. You can set up screen time restrictions along with apps & games limits, and much more.
  13. You can also head back to the Family & other users menu to view the changes that an account has been added and it is ready to sign in.

You can always undo the changes by simply removing the account from your family via the online account settings.

Things that you can do and features to be aware of:

Once you have successfully followed the above-mentioned steps, you simply need to log off your profile so that your kids can log in to theirs. Please note that the system could take a couple of minutes to set up the PC and it would require the Microsoft ID and Password of your child.

Now you must be wondering as to how can you supervise and restrict their usage? The answer is quite simple and here's how:

  1. Simply follow the link and you will reach the dashboard of your Microsoft family experience center. Your child's profile would be listed as shown below with several tabs such as Activity, Screen time, App and game limits, and more.
  2. You can toggle the Activity tab on by clicking on it as it will reflect the current activity of your kids on all the Windows 10 devices.
  3. As you switch the tab to Screen time, you can restrict the usage of your kids' PC to a certain time frame as this can be a useful tool in reducing screen time. You can set the number of active hours or also set a custom time limit as per the usage criteria.
  4. App and game limits tab enables you to block certain apps that you do not wish for your kids to use such as violent video games, etc. However, if the account that your child owns or uses a Microsoft account which has an older age limit i.e. 18 or above then you would need permission from their account to grant access and make changes from your end.
    How to set up a Windows 10 laptop for your kid
  5. Content Restrictions tab allows you to screen out any sort of inappropriate apps and websites for your kids.
  6. Kids can often mistakenly make online purchases from the Microsoft Store and in order to prevent that from happening, you can also disable their access to purchasing goods without your permission from the Spending tab.
    child account on windows 10
  7. The last but not the least is the Find your child tab, you can track the location of your kids' device online by simply logging into your account.
    Create a Kids Account on Windows 10

These instructions can essentially improve your Windows experience as they are fairly easy to set up. Not only does this help you to give your child their own space, but also allows you to restrict their usage according to their age or requirements.

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