How to Check if Your Personal Data Was Leaked From Facebook

We recently got to know that there was a huge Facebook data breach that leaked the personal details of the user. The leaked data includes phone numbers, full names, and more. To be precise, the data was leaked of 533 million users which is astonishing. If you are worried about your personal details, there is now a method that lets you check if your personal details were compromised. Scroll down to see how you can check if your personal data was leaked from Facebook.

You Can Now Check If The Facebook Data Leak of 533 Million Users Includes You

It has been discovered that the breach occurred much earlier but just made it to the surface. The tweet was shared back in January of this year by the security firm Hudson Rock. Facebook has confirmed that the breach occurred but stated that it happened in 2019 and not 2020. According to TNW, a copy of the leaked data has been obtained by haveibeenpwned which will allow you to check if your personal details were leaked from Facebook. Here's what you have to do.

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1. Simply head over to on your smartphone or laptop.

2. Enter the email address associated with your Facebook account.

Check if your facebook data is leak

3. Hit the "pwned?" button.

If your account details were leaked, you will get a warning to change your password. Moreover, you will be asked to enable two-factor authentication. If you are a victim of the data leak from Facebook, you can check the remaining details by scrolling down the page. At this point in time, you can only search via your email address. However, you will potentially be able to search the breached data directory using your phone number.

We will recommend you protect your privacy by updating your password through a password manager. This will allow you to be protected from standard data leaks and breaches. This is all for now, folks. Was your private data compromised? Let us know in the comments.

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