How to Change Position of Dock in macOS [Tutorial]

Change position of Dock in macOS tutorial

We will show you how you can change position of the macOS Dock from center to either left or right in a few easy steps.

You Can Change the Position of the Dock in macOS from System Preferences, it's Pretty Simple too

The macOS Dock has been in the center of the screen for a long, long time. Thankfully, you have the option to change its position if you like. It is a very easy thing to do and one which you should know about as well.

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But, why would you want to change the position of the Dock? It is entirely up to preference. By moving the Dock to the left or right, you gain more space at the bottom of the display, which means you get to see more of the work that you are doing. This especially helps in reading.

Or you just want to do it just because you can and want to stand out from the center Dock crowd.


Step 1. Launch System Preferences

Step 2. Click on Dock & Menu Bar

Step 3. Select the Dock & Menu Bar option from the left although it is selected by default

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Step 4. You will see three options for Position on screen: Left, Bottom, Right. Select either Left or Right

And that is how you change the position of the macOS Dock. Pretty simple, right? Because it is.

Combined with the right kind of wallpaper, you can end up doing a lot of great things by manipulating the position of the Dock. You can even hide it completely so you can focus completely on the task at hand. It actually works out great for a lot of people and who knows that it might work fine for you as well.

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