How to Favorite Websites on Safari for Mac [Tutorial]

Learn to favorite websites in Safari for Mac

If you are new to the Mac and Safari, we will show you how you can favorite websites in a few easy steps so you can get to your go-to sites in an instant.

Learn to Quickly Favorite Websites in Safari for Mac if You are a New User

Chrome is usually the default browser for everyone, or maybe even Firefox. But, if you are new to the Mac, and want to absorb the entire Apple ecosystem completely, then you will come face to face with Safari. It is a great browser - it's fast, it's stable, and it just works for the average user.

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One of the few things you are going to learn first is how to favorite websites in Safari. At first, it might not seem pretty straightforward, although it should be. But, once you get the hang of it, you will be favoriting websites like a pro.


Step 1. Launch Safari, obviously

Step 2. Open up any website at all which you want to favorite

Step 3. Once the website is in view, click on the Bookmarks button at the top

Step 4. Now click on Add Bookmark

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Step 5. Select Favorites under the Add this page to section, choose a name for the site then click on Add

You have no successfully favorited the website. Alternatively, you can simply press on Command+D to add a bookmark too.

How to Access Favorite Websites in Safari

There are two ways you can access your favorite sites:

  • On the Safari Start Page, you will see all your favorite websites listed
  • Click on the Bookmarks button right next to the back button on the top left hand corner, then click on Favorites

It is highly recommended that you end up learning the Command+D shortcut while using Safari. it comes in handy for me all the time and is nothing but a lifesaver.

Some might agree that Safari might not be the browser for everyone, but if you are looking for simplicity, and wish to stay within the perks of the Apple ecosystem, then Safari is nothing but a pure winner.

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