How to Enable Battery Percentage Indicator in Mac Menu Bar

how to enable battery percentage in Mac menu bar

Today we will show you how you can enable battery percentage indicator in the Mac menu bar running macOS Big Sur.

Have a Glance at the Battery Percentage Indicator Directly in the Mac Menu Bar, Here's How to Enable the Feature Right Now

You can view the battery percentage in the Mac menu bar by simply clicking on the battery icon. But, you have to click it every single time in order to see it. What if you can just have the battery percentage sitting there in the menu bar, not hidden away under a click at all times? You can totally do that in macOS Big Sur and we will walk you through the process of enabling it as well.

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Step 1. Open System Preferences

Step 2. Click on Dock & Menu Bar

Step 3. Find the Battery option on the left. You have to scroll down for it. Once found, click on it

Step 4. On the right, click on Show Percentage, that's it

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And that is how Apple wants you to enable the battery percentage indicator in the Mac menu bar. Sure, it might take a while to reach, but once it is enabled, it will stay there for eternity. Or, till the point Apple decides to change how we access such a simple thing once again.

Given how good the battery life is on the latest M1 lineup of Mac notebooks, the battery indicator is kinda useless to look at all the time. However, it can come in handy at times when you bolt out of the house only to realize later that you have forgotten the charger, especially when you are a thousand miles away at the same time.

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