Gotham Knights – Best Red Hood Skills to Unlock Early

Agnese Carluccio
Gotham Knights

In Gotham Knights, you can play and progress in the story as Red Hood, along with the other three main characters. This hero is excellent for anyone who likes to pick up any battle head-on, as he relies heavily on his brute force and guns.

Upon unlocking new skills for Red Hood, you get the chance to improve his combat abilities further, making him the perfect choice for the most challenging battles in the game. He can heavily damage and grab even large enemies, giving a good advantage during night patrols. But which skills should be unlocked first for this character in Gotham Knights? You will find all the information you need in this guide.

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Marksman Skills

As for the other playable characters, Perfect Evade is the first skill to unlock. It gives Red Hood the ability to perform a perfectly-timed evade, which generates Momentum, and also allows for a Perfect Attack follow-up. Focused Fire is also great, and upon redeeming it, Red Hood can aim longer at any enemy, dealing 4x more damage.

Critical Expertise should also be unlocked early in the game, as it increases the critical damage dealt by Red Hood by 20%. If you choose to get Lucky Rounds, you have a slight chance of dealing 5x the damage to enemies when you shoot at them. However, this skill only activates with Ranged Attacks and Precision Aim.

Brawler Skills

The Brawler skill tree is mainly focused on melee attacks. The first skill you can unlock is Human Bomb, which is very helpful while fighting against a large group of enemies. When Red Hood throws a foe, he also attaches a concussion mine to them, meaning he can aim at other enemies and make them explode when shooting at the mine, dealing AoE damage.

Large Grab is a must-have skill. Upon unlocking it, Red Hood can perform grab moves on large enemies, giving more opportunities in combat. Extended Grab Window lets the hero grab foes with 50% health or less.

Vengeance Skills

The first skill to unlock on the Vengeance tree is Coup De Grace. With that, Red Hood can inflict 10% more damage on enemies with 30% remaining health or less. It is a handy ability that helps the hero while busy with a large group of foes.

Three other skills, called Freak, Mob, and Regulator Justice, increase Red Hood’s damage by 15% and critical damage by 5% when fighting Freaks, the Mob, and the Regulators. Freak Justice is the first ability that can be unlocked, followed by the remaining two.

Knighthood Abilities

To unlock Knighthood Abilities, a specific set of challenges must be completed first. You can find the required activities, called Knighthood Challenges, on the quest menu and easily keep track of them. Once done, Mystical Leap will be enabled, allowing Red Hood to traverse through the air and move significantly faster in Gotham using spirit platforms.

You should complete Knighthood Challenges as soon as possible in the game, as many other fundamental abilities are listed on this skill tree.

On Wccftech, you can find the best starting skills for Batgirl and Robin. And if you are still unsure about the best character to pick in Gotham Knights, you can read our guide.

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