God of War Ragnarok – How to Solve the River Sigil Puzzle in Vanaheim

Agnese Carluccio
God of War Ragnarok river sigil puzzle

Toward the end of The Reckoning quest in God of War Ragnarok, you will come across a river that must be crossed to complete the mission. The bridge, however, is broken, and some brambles block the path. You must burn them to continue your journey, and you need to use Sigil arrows to clear the way. Sigils, in fact, can be connected and chained together to trigger specific actions and solve the Sigil puzzles.

In this case, you need to chain them together to ignite the brambles and be able to reach the other side. Sigils become larger and brighter when connected, and you will notice that immediately. Moreover, if you shoot the same Sigil twice, you will make it bigger and easier to link up with the others.

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Despite that, the Vanaheim river Sigil puzzle might look challenging to solve. After all, it is the first Sigil puzzle you find in the game, and the trigger point that will ignite the barrels is not easy to spot. Don’t worry, though. You will find the puzzle solution in this guide.

SPOILER ALERT: This guide contains spoilers of the game.

Vanaheim River Sigil Puzzle Solution in God of War Ragnarok

The only way to solve the Vanaheim Sigil puzzle is by using Freya’s Sigil Arrows. You must place three arrows on the ruin and the brambles you see just in front of you and chain them together. To fire an arrow, you must aim with L2 and then shoot it with the Square button. Then, you can ignite the Sigils and burn the brambles using your Blades of Chaos.

The first Sigil needs to be placed on the ruin in the river. It goes to the left corner of the item, as seen in the image above. It corresponds to number 1. The second Sigil goes to the right of the ruin and is displayed with the number 2. As our screenshot indicates, the third and final Sigil goes on the brambles. If you need to modify the position of the Sigils, you can remove all the ones currently active by holding L2 and pressing the Circle button.

Once you have placed the three Sigils with the help of Freya, aim at Sigil number 1 with the Blades of Chaos and ignite it. You can aim at it with L2, then press R2 to launch the elemental attack. If they are positioned correctly, the first Sigil will explode and cause a chain reaction that will burn the brambles.

Once the path has been cleared from the brambles, you can cross the river using the grapple point you see just above the river.

You will often use your companion’s Sigil Arrows to solve different environmental puzzles as you proceed in the game, both in main and side quests. Make sure you take some time to become familiar with this mechanic. You must analyze your surroundings carefully to find a way through the puzzle.

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