Fortnite Vault Keys Guide – Where to Find Them and How They Work

vault keys in fortnite

The latest season of Fortnite has introduced a new game mechanic related to Vaults. Before Season 4, you needed to head to a Vault with your teammates (or an NPC you hired) to get scanned and open the room. Epic Games has now reworked this mechanic, so you no longer need to rely on other players to open Vaults.

Instead, you are required to find at least one Key during the match, and then you can freely head to any Vault displayed with a white lock on the map. This guide will show all the relevant information about Keys in Fortnite, how to find them, and how they work.

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Fortnite Keys Locations

Vault Keys in Fortnite aren’t tied to one or more specific locations, as they are random loot. In other words, you could run across them as you play a match, but there’s no guarantee. You can collect them from chests, but they can also be found as floor loot. And you can get them from enemies if you kill them and they have one or more keys in their inventory.

They are not that frequent, but if you look at multiple locations during a match, you will probably find at least one key. If you want to look for them, however, make sure you do that in the first minutes of the game, as then the Storm will gradually approach, and not all Vaults will be reachable anymore.

How to Use Vault Keys in Fortnite

You can collect up to 3 Fortnite Keys at a time and use them to access Vaults scattered across the island. When you open the map after you get a Key, you will see all the available Vaults marked with a white lock icon. You can freely head to any of them, but remember to look at the number of keys required to open it. Just check the keyholes displayed within each lock, and you will quickly get this information.

It is pretty straightforward: if only one keyhole is displayed, you will need one Key to open the door of that specific Vault, and so on. You can check the number of keys you have collected so far by looking at the lower right corner of the screen,  as you will find this information just above the icon that displays the inventory shortcut.

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Vaults that require two keys to be opened hide better loot, but the rewards are great in any scenario. Usually, you will find rare chests, ammo, and other high-tier loot. Moreover, Vaults seem to hide at least one new key so that you can head directly to the following location on the island.

You will soon find the complete Fortnite Vault Locations map on Wccftech. Meanwhile, you can check our guide on the brand-new Chrome Splash item, with tips and tricks for using it.

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