How to Enable Classic Startup Chime on All Newer Macs

Enable classic startup chime on Mac using Terminal

Want the classic startup chime on your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? Here's how you can enable it right now.

Bring Back the Classic Startup Chime on Your Newer Mac Using a Simple Terminal Command

Using a simple Terminal command, you can actually enable the classic startup chime on your Mac. Here's what you have to do:

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Step 1. Launch Terminal on your Mac. You can do it from the Utilities folder in Applications or just search for it using Spotlight.

Step 2. Type in the following command and hit the Return key:

sudo nvram StartupMute=%00

Step 3. Enter your administrator password when required. It's the same which you use to log into your Mac.

Step 4. Restart your Mac, and if everything went through file you'll hear that gorgeous F# chord filling up your room, followed by the white Apple logo on the display.

How to Disable the Classic Startup Chime on your Mac

Step 1. Launch Terminal on your Mac.

Step 2. Type in the following command the hit Return:

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sudo nvram StartupMute=%01

Apple made the wild decision to get rid of the classic startup chime in their newer MacBooks not so long ago. Many people were hit in the chest with the decision, some learned to live without it, but once you do hear the chime again when a Mac boots up, the nostalgia hits you way too hard. In fact, the chime has a greater effect on the newer MacBooks as you don't have to press the power button in order to boot into macOS. Just lift the lid and boom, the classic startup chime is there to embrace you.

Fun fact - the original startup chime was actually a C-major chord which then evolved into what we hear today. Basically what this means is that the pitch of the latest version of the chime is slightly higher than the older one, giving it a slightly more 'exciting' feel.

I highly recommend giving the Terminal command a go. Who knows it might just resonate with you,  adding a little more joy to how you use your Mac for work or fun.

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