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Download macOS Big Sur Beta on Your Mac [How to]


Registered developers can download macOS Big Sur beta on their compatible Mac right now. We will walk you through every option available.

Take the New macOS Big Sur Beta for a Spin and See What's New - Download for Developers Only for Now

If you are looking to learn more about macOS Big Sur and its features, then check out our announcement post here:

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Those looking to install the latest macOS Big Sur beta can do so right away. It requires an Apple Developer Program membership which you can sign up for here. Once done, you have a number of options on how to download and install macOS Big Sur beta onto your compatible Mac.

Speaking of which, make sure your Mac is in the list of supported devices before you go ahead. Though the compatibility spectrum is very wide and highly likely that your Mac is on the list, but it doesn't hurt to take a quick look anyway just to make sure everything is in the green:

Download macOS Big Sur Beta Over the Air

This method is the best route to take since your files and settings are retained. But, before you go ahead anyway, backup everything to a safe location just in case. When dealing with beta software, it is best to play the safest possible game. You never know a small problem might end up costing your precious data.

Step 1. Assuming you have backed up all your data to a safe and secure location, sign into the Apple Developer Program website.

Step 2. Go to the section that is labeled Downloads.

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Step 3. Under Featured Downloads, you will find macOS Big Sur beta, click the Download button next to it and Safari will ask you to download the macOS Beta Access Utility. Save it to your desktop.

Step 4. Run the utility and agree to what it says for installation.

Step 5. Now launch System Preferences and then click on Software Updates. You will see the new macOS beta update show up in a few seconds. Just install it and let it do what it is supposed to.

Your Mac will restart several times during this process so it is best you leave it as is during installation. Once it is complete, you can start using the new macOS beta as you normally would.

How to Clean Install macOS Big Sur Beta

Clean installation of macOS is the best way to go if you want to experience the software at its finest. This ensures that you encounter the least amount of bugs and problems. But before you go ahead with it, first of all you have to create a bootable USB installer drive. You can learn all about it by going here then return once you are done:

Power up your Mac with the newly created USB installer plugged in and hold down the Option key on the keyboard. Simply select the USB installer drive in the list of available options, then let the setup load up for macOS beta. Once you are up and running, select Disk Utility, Erase your primary macOS drive, return back to the main screen and install macOS. Follow the on-screen steps for all the details. It's super easy and it would be a miracle if something goes wrong.