Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Unlock Buzz And Woody

Agnese Carluccio
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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s newest update introduced many interesting features. There is a brand-new Event called Festive Star Path, which rewards you with fantastic holiday items, and two beloved Pixar characters, Buzz and Woody, also made their debut in the game. However, you must complete some tasks before bringing them to the Valley. So, let’s see how to unlock Buzz and Woody in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to access the Toy Story realm in Dreamlight Valley

If you wish to invite Buzz and Woody to join you in the Valley, you must first access the Toy Story Realm. You can find it in the Dream Castle, north of the Plaza. Enter the castle, go up the first flight of stairs and interact with the door on the right, as shown in the screenshot. Removing the Night Thorns from the entrance and unlocking the Toy Story realm will cost you 7,000 Dreamlight, so if you don’t have enough, take some time to complete quests and duties.

You should be able to farm it quite fast if you check all the available missions in the Dreamlight tab and keep collecting the rewards as soon as you finish a duty. It requires some perseverance, but if you play regularly, this should be an easy task.

How to unlock Buzz in Dreamlight Valley

Once you access the Toy Story realm, you must go up the ramp near the bed and talk to Buzz Lightyear. He will ask for your help to find some new batteries during the A Secret Mission In Uncharted Space quest, so start looking for them in the room.

The first battery is on the floor, near the bedside table on the left of the bed. The second battery is also on the floor, on the opposite side of the room. It is placed near the walls, just under a yellow book.

Once you bring them to Buzz, he will assign you another task. You need to search the room for pieces of the Race Car Track. They are easy to find, as they sparkle.

  • One is in the closet.
  • Two are near the bed on the left side.
  • The other two are near the window opposite the entrance door, closer to the wall.
  • One is near the door.
  • Two other pieces are just below the table where Woody stands.
  • One is under the window facing the bed.
  • The last is near the yellow book where you found the battery.

Bring them to Buzz, and he will repair the track. Next, you need to find the Magic Growing Cactuses scattered around the room. They sparkle as well, so you will quickly notice them.

  • The first is located in the closet.
  • The second on the left side of the bed, behind the night table.
  • The third is near the ramp you use to reach Buzz.
  • The fourth is on the right, between the window and the pile of books.
  • The last is on the right side of the bed, just under the other window.

You will find a new quest asking you to place the Magic Growing Cactuses under the race car tracks on the floor. Interact with them in the room, and then use your Watering Can tool to water them. Talk to Buzz again, and he will give you a toy car. Go to the ladder near the toy oven on the floor, and you will finally be able to unlock the window and let Woody in.

Talk to Woody by reaching the night table, then speak again to Buzz. He will ask you to search the room and take pictures of Bonnie’s Drawings on colored construction paper with gold stars.

  • The first can be found inside the closet.
  • The second is near the bedside table, on the wall.
  • The third is just behind the ramp, the pile of books, and above the yellow book where you found the battery.
  • The last is near the toy train, between the two windows that face the entrance door.

Talk to Buzz one last time, and you can bring him to the Dreamight Valley with you. All you have to do is place is RV in the Valley for 10,000 Star Coins.

How to unlock Woody in Dreamlight Valley

Get back to the Toy Story Realm and talk to Woody. He will ask you to help rebuild Bonnie’s farm as part of the You're My Favorite Deputy quest. You need to gather eight Ice Pop Sticks and five Pipe Cleaners. They are scattered around the whole room and easy to notice. To get the first kind of items, you must use your Shovel. The latter can be obtained with your Pickaxe.

Then, you will be asked to talk to Buzz in the Valley and collect two Yellow Daisies, which can be found in the Peaceful Meadow. Bring the glue and the flowers to Woody. Finally, you will be asked to search the room for the Origami Animals.

  • The first elephant can be found near the door.
  • The second elephant is near the ramp and the pile of books.
  • The turtle is in the closet.
  • The penguin is the behind the stack of books.
  • The butterfly is under the window that faces the closet.

Take them to Woody to complete the quest and place his Carousel in Dreamlight Valley for 10,000 Star Coins. This way, you will have unlocked both Buzz and Woody in the game. And if you still need help with Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can check how to get the lion Scar and some tips on making money fast.

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