Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Solve The Mystical Cave Puzzles

Agnese Carluccio
mystical cave in disney dreamlight valley

You will come across the Mystical Cave in Dazzle Beach during the With Great Power quest. Here, you’ll need to solve different puzzles to find the Orb of Power, a key piece on the way that will eventually lead you to defeat The Forgetting and save the Valley.

The riddles in the Mystical Cave are not the easiest in the game, and unraveling them is mandatory to complete the quest. Don’t worry, however. This guide contains all the solutions to every Mystical Cave puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find the Mystical Cave

The Mystical Cave is located at Dazzle Beach. You must remove the Night Thorns blocking the path to access this area. This can be done by spending 1,000 Dreamlight, a pretty low amount you can gather quickly by completing the Dreamlight Duties you see in the menu. These involve different activities, such as fishing, giving a Villager their favorite gift, harvesting vegetables, mining gems, and much more.

Once you get the amount of Dreamlight you need to unlock Dazzle Beach, access it from the east entrance at the Peaceful Meadow. From there, turn immediately right and continue walking by following the rocks on your right. You will soon notice the Mystical Cave entrance.

How to open the Magic Gates in Dreamlight Valley

When you enter the Mystical Cave, the path that leads you below will be blocked. You will find three Magic Gates as you progress further in the Cave, so you’ll need to solve each puzzle to unlock them. You can read every riddle by interacting with the glowing stone near the Gate. If you are looking for a way to remove the Magic Gates in the Mystical Cave, you will find the solution to each puzzle below.

Mystical Cave puzzle #1

The first Mystical Cave puzzle asks you to provide the gem that matches best. You will notice three stone statues near the Gate, each characterized by a particular color. You’ll need to bring three gems and place them in their hands to open the Magic Gate. In particular:

  • Green statue: Peridot
  • Blue statue: Aquamarine
  • Red statue: Garnet

You can collect these gems in the Valley by using your pickaxe on rocks found in the Valley against stone walls. In some cases, you will know which minerals can be found in a particular rock as they emerge from its surface. Other times, you’ll need to break the rock entirely before obtaining a gem. Here’s where you can find each gem to remove the first Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave:

  • Peridot: Peaceful Meadow, Dazzle Beach
  • Aquamarine: Dazzle Beach, Forest of Valor
  • Garnet: The Plaza, Peaceful Meadow

Make sure you follow the order previously described to unlock the Gate. Otherwise, it won’t open. You must bring each gem to the corresponding statue.

Mystical Cave puzzle #2

The second Mystical Cave puzzle demands you to discover the right crops to grow. One is underground, the other gold and brown, and what remains is red and round. In other words, you'll need to bring the requested seeds to the Cave and plant them under the statues. They are:

  • Carrot seed
  • Wheat seed
  • Tomato seed

The order is not mandatory. You can plant them wherever you prefer, as long as they are right under the statues.

You can find these seeds in the Valley by removing Night Thorns. This is not assured, however, as there is only a small chance it can happen. Instead, you can buy them at Goofy’s Stall by spending some Star Coins.  Remember that you need the seed to solve this Mystical Cave puzzle, not the crop itself. You can check where to find them below:

  • Carrot seed: it can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow
  • Wheat seed: it can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow
  • Tomato seed: it can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach

Once you have all of them, go back into the Mystical Cave, plant them, and remember to keep them watered. It will take some time before the plants grow and can be harvested, so you can dedicate yourself to other tasks while you wait. Once they are ready, you can collect them and proceed to the next Magic Gate.

Mystical Cave puzzle #3

The third Mystical Cave puzzle asks you to cook and eat what you have grown. You will see a cooking pot on the left of the Magic Gate. Interact with it, and add the carrot, the wheat, and the tomato you have just harvested inside the pot.  If you need the coal to start cooking, you can break the rocks behind you.

Once your dish is ready, you will get Veggie Pasta. Eat it, and the third and final Magic gate will open. You can now proceed and access the last area of the Mystical Cave, where you can obtain the Orb of Power.

How to get the Orb of Power

Once you pass through the last Magic Gate, you will see a small pond near you. The Orb of Power lies below the water, so you must fish it with your fishing rod tool. It will take some time and patience, as it is not the easiest prey to catch, but once you do it, you need to emerge from the Mystical Cave and place the orb in the Dazzle Beach pillar.

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