Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Get Sugarcane And Sugarcane Seeds

Agnese Carluccio
cooking in disney dreamlight valley

Over a hundred meals are ready to be cooked in Disney Dreamlight Valley. New recipes can be unlocked by experimenting with ingredients, and Sugarcane is useful for many different dishes in the game. Some players, however, might be wondering how to get it, as it can’t be found in the Plaza or the Peaceful Meadow.

Don’t worry, though. Obtaining Sugarcane and Sugarcane Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley is quite simple. You will find how to do that in our guide.

Where to get Sugarcane and Sugarcane Seeds

Sugarcane and its Seeds can only be bought from Goofy’s Stall at Dazzle Beach. Therefore, you need to unlock this biome if you want to get them. It will cost you 1,000 Dreamlight to clear the Night Thorns that block the path. Interact with them, and Merlin will come to you, asking if you want to proceed. Once you confirm that and spend the Dreamlight, the path will be cleared out, and you will be able to access the newly discovered area.

Head to the Stall, located near the sea, and interact with Scrooge McDuck’s sign next to the store to set it up. You will have to pay 1,000 Star Coins to do that. Once done, Goofy will come to the Stall and start selling items. These include the Sugarcane, which can be bought for 29 Star Coins each, and the Sugarcane Seeds, which cost 5 Star Coins each. We’d recommend getting the seeds and planting them to save money. Doing that will also help you complete the usual Dreamlight Duties listed in the Menu.

Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach can be further upgraded by interacting with Scrooge McDuck’s sign next to it, but you don’t necessarily need to do that to buy Sugarcane. The items restock regularly, so keep an eye on them.

Where to plant Sugarcane Seeds

You can plant Sugarcane Seeds wherever you prefer. They don’t need to be in a particular Biome to grow, so you can freely choose where to place them. Once done, remember to visit your garden to harvest its crops. Sugarcane doesn’t take long to grow; only 7 minutes are required.

How to use Sugarcane in Dreamlight Valley

You can buy Sugarcane Seeds for 5 Star Coins each, plant them and sell every Sugarcane you get for 19 Star Coins. Or you can use this ingredient for cooking delicious meals in the game. For example, you can combine it with wheat and butter to make Biscuits or create a Birthday Cake with wheat, eggs, butter, and cocoa beans.

Sugarcane is also the key for Caramel Apples, for which you must combine it with an apple. Or you can create a Carrot Cake with carrots, wheat, eggs, and this ingredient. You can prepare Hot Cocoa with it, also using cocoa beans and milk.

While most recipes that require Sugarcane are sweet, you can also create some good salt dishes. The Teriyaki Salmon is an example. It involves rice, ginger, salmon, soya, and obviously sugarcane. The Tamagoyaki, instead, only needs the addition of an egg.

Finally, this ingredient can also be gifted to Villagers, so make sure you regularly check their favorite things of the day. And if you need more help with Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can read our guide on unlocking Buzz and Woody and how the Festive Star Path Event works.

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