How to Disable, Enable and Customize “News and Interests” Taskbar Widget


The News and Interests widget in Windows 10 was rolled out in April. It’s a quick way to check the news, check the temperature in your area today, etc., but not many people are a massive fan of the widget. The widget is enabled by default, but there is an easy way to disable it if you wish. You can also customize the widget to show you more of your interests. This tutorial will show you how to disable, enable, and customize the news and interests taskbar widget in Windows 10 computers.

Disable, Enable and Customize News and Interests Taskbar Widget

The widget at first looks more like a weather widget, but you will see the news and interests section if you click on it. This is what the widget looks like at first glance:

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News and Interests Taskbar Widget

Disable News and Interests Widget

The process to disable this widget is very straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

Step-1: Right-click on the widget in the taskbar.

News and Interests Taskbar Widget
Step-2: Move your cursor to the News and Interests option.

News and Interests Taskbar Widget
Step-3: Select Turn off.

News and Interests Taskbar Widget
After this, the widget will no longer be visible on the taskbar.

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Enable Windows 10's News and Interests Widget

Step-1: Right-click anywhere on the taskbar. [Don’t click on any icon, click where there are no icons]

Step-2: Move your cursor to the News and Interests option.

Step-3: Select Show icon and text.

Enable Widget
This will enable the widget.

Customize Widget

Instead of the temperature and words like rainy, cloudy, or sunny, you can choose only to see a pictorial representation like below.

Pictorial widget

  1.  Right-click on the widget.
  2. Hover your cursor over News and Interests option.
  3.  Select Show icon only.

Show icon only
You can also change the news you are displayed and pick and choose what topics you want to see in the future.

Step-1: Click on the widget.

Step-2: Select Manage Interests.

Manage Interests
Step-3: You will be directed to a web page in the Edge browser.

Step-4: In the browser, click on the plus in circle sign next to what you want to see in the widget. You have a list of options from News, Sports, Lifestyle, and Money. You can also add interest by typing it in the Discover Interests search bar.

Customize News and Interests Widget

[Disclaimer: I haven't updated to 21H1 Windows 10, so there may be some more options visible to you in the News and Interests section than you see in the images above]