Check Windows Update History on Windows 11 Using These Two Methods


Updating your system is meant to be a positive thing. However, an update can sometimes mess up your settings and cause other problems. To check which update caused issues, you will have to check your update history. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry because it is very simple. I will address this in this tutorial and show you how to check your Windows update history on Windows 11 Systems.

Check Windows Update History Windows 11

You can check the updates using the control panel and the Windows Settings app. I will walk you through both methods, and you can pick whichever is the most convenient for you.

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Control Panel

Step-1: Click on the Search icon and type Control panel. Click Open.
Open Control Panel

Step-2: Select Programs.
Check Windows Update History

Step-3: Click on Programs and Features.

Check Windows Update History

Step-4: Select View Installed Updates from the left pane.

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Check Windows Update History
You will get a list of all installed updates in the right pane as soon as you click on the option.

Check Windows Update History Using Settings App

  1.  Open the Settings app using shortcut keys Win + I
  2.  Select Windows Update from the left pane.
    Check Windows Update History
  3.  Click on Update history.
    Check Windows Update History

You will get a list of all the updates installed in the right pane.