Activate Two-Factor Authentication on Telegram for Android [How To]

Furqan Shahid

I know this might sound strange to many people, but with Telegram on the rise once more and a lot of people shifting over to the app, it is safe to say that a lot of features go unnoticed. For instance, Telegram is one of the most secure apps available in the market as far as messaging is concerned, and it has a neat feature called two-factor authentication that the app rolled out 5 years ago. However, considering how many people have started using it all over again, it is safe to say that there is a demand for even more security.

By default, the feature is turned off, but enabling it is not difficult. Still, if you think it is too much of a hassle, follow this guide, and you will be done.

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Make Your Telegram Account Secure By Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Now, everyone knows that the Telegram account is tied to your phone number, which means that every time you have to sign in to a new device, you will receive a one-time code. However, by enabling two-factor authentication, you will secure your account with a password, and you will have to add both the security code and that password to log in. Here is how you can set up two-factor authentication on Telegram.

  1. Open Telegram and tap the Hamburger menu on the top left corner.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Now go to Privacy and Settings.
  4. Once there, choose Two-Step Verification.

  5. Now you have to tap Set Password.

  6. Enter the password you want and confirm the password, followed by a hint, and hit continue. On the next page, enter a recovery email.
  7. Enter your desired email and hit Continue. You will receive a code in your email and proceed to finish the process.

That is all, you are set with the two-factor authentication, and you can now rest easy knowing that your Telegram account has become a lot secure now if you are wondering why we are doing a tutorial on a feature that was announced 5 years ago. That is because Telegram achieved the most downloaded app globally in January 2021; the service picked up over 64 installs over the course of a month, all because of WhatsApp's new privacy policy, and while WhatsApp has halted that change, people are still shifting over to Telegram and doing so rapidly.

Thankfully, Telegram is a lot secure compared to WhatsApp and does not have many resources. This means that it can run smoothly on comparatively cheaper phones, and with this tutorial, you have just made your account secure.

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