Soul Hackers 2 Guide – How to Level Up Fast

Soul Hackers 2

When playing Soul Hackers 2, it is important to level up your characters as much as possible, so you can complete the main story without being stuck on a particular level or a more challenging boss fight. There are many ways you can earn XP fast in this game, and we will explain them in this guide.

Fight Every Enemy

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As you progress through the game, you will explore many dungeons and face numerous demons. If you want to level up fast in Soul Hackers 2, don’t be afraid of them and fight each one. You will be greatly rewarded with XP each time you win a battle, and if the enemies are more dangerous than usual and have a higher level than yours, you will get even more XP. If you encounter purple demons called Risky Enemies, don’t run away. The fight will be difficult, but you will earn more experience if you defeat them.

Be Prepared for Boss Fights

During the main story, you will face different boss fights. Various demon summoners will try to beat your team, but they can also be defeated with the right demons and Mistiques equipped. You should be very careful against them, and eating the proper meal before starting the quest can also help you. Try to spot their weaknesses and attack them with the right demons. And if you unlock the Conversion Skill and equip it at the COMP Smith, you can change your demon while in the battle. When you beat a boss, you will get tons of XP as a reward.

Complete All Requests

As soon as you unlock the Club Cretaceous in the game, you can take side quests called Requests. You will soon have plenty of them to choose from, and new ones will arrive as you progress through the main story. They usually involve finding specific demons, enemies, or items, and you will get XP and other good rewards when you carry them out. You can visit the Club Cretaceous regularly to check if new requests are available. You can also take on Aion Directives by visiting the Soul Matrix and talking to Ringo’s Illusion. And make sure you complete all of them if you want to level up fast in Soul Hackers 2.

Visit the Soul Matrix Regularly

You can head to the Axis and visit the Soul Matrix by opening the City Map in the game. Here, you have the chance to explore each of the souls of Ringo’s party members, unlocking memories crucial to get new Summoner Skills that will be extremely useful while in a battle. Moreover, you get to fight against many different demons when you visit each ally’s Soul Matrix, so it is always a great way to farm XP and level up in the game. Be aware that you need a certain Soul Level to unlock some specific areas and gates in the Soul Matrix, so take your party members to hangout events at Bar Heidrun. This will deepen your mutual understanding and raise their Soul Levels.

If you follow these tips, you will quickly level up in the game. And if you still need help with Soul Hackers 2, you can check our guides on fusing demons and our beginner’s tips.

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