Soul Hackers 2 Guide – Five Tips on Getting Started

Soul Hackers 2

Soul Hackers 2 is the latest entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series. As for any big JRPG, it features many unique features and gameplay mechanics that can initially feel a little overwhelming, at least for players new to this iconic franchise. You will get to recruit new demons, upgrade your weapons, strengthen your bond with the other party members, and much more as you progress through the game, so you’d better get started with a guide that will show you how to make the best out of your first hours of playing. Thus, here are our Soul Hackers 2 tips.

Talk to Every Demon in Dungeons

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When you enter a new dungeon in Soul Hackers 2, Ringo will send some demons out to explore the area and look for items and money. As you progress through each level, ensure you cover the whole map, including any rooms you might find. You will encounter your demons in random locations throughout the area, usually near corners. Interact with them, as they can give you precious items and yen, and they will also occasionally heal you and your allies. Moreover, they can even introduce you to new demons to hire in your squad by forging a contract with them. They will ask for something in return, such as money or items; if you accept, you will have them on your team. Sometimes, your demons will also make discoveries tied to the main story or request, so make sure you don’t miss any of them.

Upgrade Your COMPs

Each team member has their COMP, a special weapon that can be used to summon demons. COMPs are essential to the game and can be upgraded by heading to the COMP Smith Tatara in the Mansei Realm. Provide her materials (and the required yen), and she will take Ringo and her allies’ weapons to a whole new level. You can also unlock unique skills here, such as Conversion, which will let you change your equipped demon during the battle. Instead, Stack Optimization will give you a temporary boost to the number of demons you have got stacked. Remember to visit the COMP Smith before starting a new dungeon so that you will be equipped as best as possible for the mission.

Equip the Right Mistiques

Mistiques play a crucial role in Soul Hackers 2, as they can be slotted into a COMP and will grant you various buffs. You will mainly obtain them as a gift from your demons. Try to keep your squad as varied as possible because different demons provide different Mistiques. You can equip a Mistique from the Summoner menu by selecting the correspondent option and choosing the one you want to use for each party member. Before doing that, however, check the types of attacks tied to each equipped demon, as you surely want to choose a Mistique that fully enhances their offensives. Moreover, each Mistique has its affinity and rank, and the COMP needs to match those requirements to equip the item.

Don’t Forget to Fuse Demons

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New demons can be obtained by either forging a contract with them or fusing them by visiting Victor’s Cirque du Goumaden in the Roppo Realm. Here, you can fuse multiple demons to create a new, more powerful one. Keep in mind, however, that you can’t combine any demons that have a higher level than Ringo’s. Demons generated through fusion can inherit some skills from the base ones, but not the skills they’re weak to. You can perform different types of fusion: Normal, Search, and Special. We recommend you experiment with the Search option, as you will be able to see all the different fusions you can obtain from your demons.

Register Your Demons

When registering a demon in the Compendium, you will overwrite their base stats entries with up-to-date info. Even if this will cost you some money, we recommend you do so after you have leveled them and unlocked new skills, as you will have the chance to transfer more powerful abilities to your new demons during fusion. There are many practical ways to obtain yen in Soul Hackers 2, which we will cover in future guides, so don’t worry too much about the registration cost.

You will find other Soul Hackers 2 guides on Wccftech, so stay tuned for upcoming information about COMPs upgrades, demons fusions, skills, dungeons, and much more.

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