How to Rearrange Tabs in Safari for iPhone, iPad Running iOS 12

Uzair Ghani
Rearrange Tabs

Want to rearrange tabs in Safari for iPhone or iPad running iOS 12? Here's how you can do it quickly and easily.

Those of you who make do with Safari a lot for browsing the web might be aware of a few tricks the piece of software is capable of pulling off. For example, you can close all the open tabs at once by simply holding down on the 'Tabs' icon at the bottom left (iPhone) or the top right (iPad) then tapping on Close [Number of] Tabs.

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In today's guide however, we will show you how to change the order of tabs. But, we will focus more on the iPhone since rearranging open tabs on the iPad is a simple case of just dragging the tab from left to right. In the iPhone, things are only slightly different.

1. Assuming you have multiple tabs open, tap on the Tabs icon in the bottom right hand corner.

2. Press and hold on the tab which you which to move up or down.

3. After holding down the tab for a couple of seconds, you can now freely move it around. You can either bring it up, if it's something really important, or just move it all the way to the bottom.

4. Once you are done just tap on the Done button at the bottom right hand corner and you'll be back to the main webpage view.

While that may not sound like a huge tip, but if you're the kind of person who loves to keep a watchful eye on all their tabs open in Safari then this will come in handy. For example, I usually have around 7 to 10 tabs open at all times. But if I see that there's an important link on the roster which I will keep on coming back to then it's logical that I will bring the tab up in the list so I don't have to swipe around in order to find it. This is the sort of practice we even pull off on a desktop level without realizing it. Your favorite tabs are always on the far left, while the ones which aren't that relevant stay at the far right for later viewing.

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