How to Quickly View Your Saved Passwords on iOS 12 with This Handy Shortcut

iOS 12

Here's how you can view your saved passwords in iCloud Keychain using Siri running iOS 12 on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Quickly Get Access to Your Saved Passwords Using Siri on iOS 12 - Here's How it Works

Needless to say that remembering passwords on your mobile device is a thing of the past whether you're on iOS or Android. But, if you want to view a list of all your saved passwords on iOS 12 then things can be a little hectic. First you have to launch Settings then go to Passwords & Accounts then tap on Website & App Passwords. Three taps and a couple of swipes in total depending on where you are coming from.

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But there's another way to get around the problem and it's by using the power of Siri. Remember one thing though, if you have iCloud Keychain enabled only then this feature would work and Siri as well. We're assuming that you have so here how it goes. Just launch Siri and say 'Show me passwords,' and Siri will just bring up the page where your passwords live. You will be required to authenticate using Touch ID or Face ID to view the entire list, which isn't a big deal really.

Is this feature handy? Absolutely. If you always find yourself browsing around and fail to remember a password, then bringing up the list is a breeze. From the list you can just copy the username, password or just take a quick glance at your credentials if you were failing to recall something.

There are a ton of small nuggets like these living within Siri that are waiting to be discovered and add a great deal of value to your productivity workflow. If you found today's tip handy, then make sure to share it with your iOS 12 buddies right away. Who knows it actually might save them a few seconds of their life when it comes to scrambling for a password or two.

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