How To Enable Dark Mode On macOS Mojave In Three Easy Steps


Apple launched a new version of macOS this year, with several upgrades and new features. Dubbed as 'Mojave', macOS 10.14 gives users the ability to better organize content and clean up Finder along a holistic approach that builds upon the fundamentals of macOS i.e, making for a well rounded operating system where multiple elements complement each other.

Apple also brought Apple News to macOS and gave users the ability to crop and edit images directly in Finder. However, one of the coolest things above Mojave is a brand new Dark Mode. For those of us who work extensively on our computers, this feature will undoubtedly be very easy on the eyes. So, if you're wondering how to activate Dark Mode on macOS Mojave, wonder no more and head on below to find out how.

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Excited About Dark Mode? You'll Be Glad On How Easily You Can Enable It Dark Mode On macOS Mojave

Dark Mode on Mojave is. a completely different experience then what's found on previous versions. Apple. has integrated it across apps, which means that once it's enabled, you'll see the effects across multiple apps. Enabling it isn't very difficult either and you're likely to have done so after your Mac booted up for the first time after a fresh macOS install, as the option to choose between light and dark mode is present during the initial OS setup process.

How To Enable Dark Mode On macOS Mojave:

If however, you didn't choose to enable dark mode during the initial setup, you can still choose to work with it. In order to enable Dark Mode on macOS Mojave, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Apple icon on the top left and open up System Preferences.
  2. Click on General.
  3. The option to chose Dark Mode will be available right on top, as two distinct options titled 'Light' and 'Dark' in the Appearances section.

Additionally, if you want to experience the full glory of Dark Mode on macOS Mojave, then give it a spin with one of Apple's wallpapers provided with the operating system. The feature is designed to work across all first-party applications and Apple's default wallpapers on macOS. Additionally, also give Accents a spin, in order to customize macOS' overall look with Dark Mode. Accents allow you to choose which color to complement your new Dark Mode on macOS Mojave.

Finally, these might help you out further: