How to Download iOS 11.3 Beta 5 for Free Right Now on iPhone or iPad


Apple released for download iOS 11.3 Beta 5 yesterday and we will show you how you can grab it for free and install it on your iPhone or iPad.

Download iOS 11.3 Beta 5 Without Spending a Dime - Take the Beta Software Program Route

Apple released iOS 11.3 Beta 5 for developer yesterday and those enrolled in the company's program can grab the latest update over the air or straight from the membership portal. Of course, that membership will set you back $99 on an annual basis which equates to a lot of money if you are solely using it to test unfinished, beta software.

iOS 11.3.1 Released for iPhone and iPad – Fixes a Third-Party Display Repair Issue

So, if you are willing to download iOS 11.3 Beta 5 right now and give it a test drive on your iPhone or iPad then you'll be surprised to learn that there is an official way of going about everything for free. Through Apple's very own Beta Software Program, you can simply sign up using your Apple ID and the update will be pushed to your device over the air, free of charge.

First and foremost, head over to from your iPhone or iPad on which you wish to download iOS 11.3 Beta 5. Once you are here, tap on the Sign In button on the top right hand corner. If you are new, or a returning member, take the appropriate course of action here. Now it's a simple case of tapping on the 'Enroll Your Device' option and then downloading the beta software profile onto your device. You will be required to restart your iPhone or iPad. Once all booted up again, head over to Settings > General > Software Update to download iOS 11.3 Beta 5.

Be advised though: since you are dealing with beta software here therefore don't be surprised if you notice slightly sluggish performance or maybe even broken app compatibility in certain corners. These issues will be long gone in the full and final version of the iOS 11.3 update.