Customize OS X Login Screen Wallpaper – How To Tutorial


Here's how you can customize the OS X login screen wallpaper and set any backdrop of your choice as background image.


When you boot into OS X and happen to have a password set up in place, then you'll come face to face with the login screen displaying your profile image along with a box in which you can enter your password, among a list of other options. Behind those options is a blurred out version of the wallpaper which adorns your OS X desktop, and if you're looking to change the login screen wallpaper to anything you like on your Mac, then these are the steps you need to follow.

Customize OS X Login Screen Wallpaper

Before you begin, find an image which you want to set up as your login screen wallpaper. Also make sure that the image is in PNG format. You can simply open up the wallpaper image in Preview, click on 'File' then 'Save As' and of course, save the image in the PNG file format. We also recommend that the wallpaper should be at least 1080p in size, but higher is better especially if you happen to be in the ownership of a Retina display Mac.

1. Rename the wallpaper image to '' and save it.

2. Launch Finder, then go to the following location: /Library/Caches/

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.00.48 PM

3. In this folder you'll see a file called Make a copy of it and save it to a secure location.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.01.06 PM

4. Copy the wallpaper image from step 1 in this folder.

Log out of your account in OS X and you'll see the new custom wallpaper in place instead of the blurred out version of your current desktop backdrop.

If you want to revert the changes, simply navigate back to /Library/Caches/ in Finder and replace the custom wallpaper with the original file you backed up in the third step. Simple and easy.

We really wish such a thing was available to customize on a system level in OS X, hence we'll give Windows a big prop in this arena. But of course, if you're keen on making some effort to achieve things in life, then you can simply follow the above outlined steps to treat yourself to a custom login wallpaper on your Mac.

We highly advise you to keep a proper backup of the original file in a folder which is not easily accessible to everyone except you. You really don't want to lose this file at any cost.

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