How to Control HomeKit Devices Straight from iOS 11 Control Center

Uzair Ghani

In today's tutorial, we'll show you how you can control your HomeKit-enabled smart home devices from your iPhone or iPad straight from the iOS 11 Control Center.

Bypass the Nuisance by Controlling Your HomeKit Smart Home Devices Straight from the iOS 11 Control Center

In iOS 10, you could simply bring up Control Center, swipe left and control your HomeKit devices from there. While the changes to Control Center in iOS 11 were made for the better but Apple did rejig a few things around. For example, the swipe left gesture to access favorite HomeKit devices is now completely gone in favor of a full-screen view for controls and 3D Touch gestures. Don't panic though as you still control your smart home devices from Control Center, but there's one extra step in doing so for the first time.

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How to Control HomeKit Devices from iOS 11 Control Center

Before you can access your devices, you first have to favorite the ones which you use on a regular basis. Check out our guide posted here for more details: How to Favorite HomeKit Devices on iPhone and iPad for Easy Access

1. Launch the Settings app and then go to Control Center > Customize Controls.

2. You'll see a lot of new toggle switches under the More Controls heading. Simply tap the + sign next to the Home option to include it in the list of toggle you see in Control Center.


3. Now bring up the Control Center by swiping up on the display, or swipe down from the upper right-hand corner if you have an iPhone X.

4. Tap on the newly added Home icon. It literally looks like a home.


5. You'll see all your favorite accessories in one place. Simply tap away to toggle them on or off, deep press for more options.


Though you can add many devices to appear as favorites, but I will recommend keeping things to the bare necessary limit. Before you even realize it, things can get quite messy in the Home toggle and it's best to keep everything nice and tidy whenever you bring up Control Center.

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