How to Capture Scrolling Screenshots – Android Tips & Tricks


There are several times when we want to take a screenshot of a scrolling page or app. However, Android doesn't facilitate you to take screenshots of a scrolling page as it limits you to capturing only what is currently displayed on your mobile device. Here is how you can easily capture a screenshot of a scrolling page or an app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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How to capture scrolling screenshots on Galaxy Note 5:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes equipped with a handy option to help you take screenshots of a scrolling screen. Here is how you can take a scrolling screenshot on your very new Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

  • Go to the web page or the app where you want to take a scrolling screenshot.
  • Using your S Pen, hover over the screen to launch Air Command.
  • Tap on Screen Writescrolling screenshot on android
  • When the screen flashes to inform you that the screenshot has been taken, in the bottom-left corner, tap on Scroll capture.
  • The screen will now scroll a little, but you can scroll it even more by tapping on Capture more. Alternatively, tap on Done to stop the screen capture.
  • Once done, you can write on the captured screenshot or you can share, save in the gallery or choose to save in the Scrapbook from the options. Tap on your choice.

That's it! Don't forget to let us know about your experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 so far.

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