This Is The Hottest iPhone 7 Concept We Have Ever Seen – Images


We have stumbled upon what we can only describe as the hottest iPhone 7 concept we have seen so far. More details and images can be found right after the break.

Concept artists are hard at work churning out some brilliant designs for the iPhone 7. In fact, it was just a while back we featured an iPhone 7 concept, which looked a little outlandish, but featured quite some bold changes and improvements over what we have seen before. But now, we have stumbled upon a new one, and at first glance your gut will tell you that it might very well be the real deal from Apple itself.

This iPhone 7 Concept Looks Hot and Features A Lot Of Detail

Take a look for yourself below this marvelous iPhone 7 concept from Miroslav Majdák.

Instead of just making a video and calling it a day, the designer has went into a lot of detail what the iPhone 7 might feature when it's released. And quite frankly, we love this concept for one good reason - it sticks very close to reality in a lot of spaces, especially when it comes to design.

The concept takes into account a lot of small details which many designers tend to overlook. For instance, the antenna bands fall in line with what's being rumored, and the missing headphone jack looks on point, topped off with a thin design.

The thing that really caught our attention was the dimensions of the handset. While the above concept retains the same 4.7 and 5.5-inch display sizes, but the overall dimensions of the handset will be lesser compared to the current flagships - the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Speaking of dimensions, we really wish the iPhone 7 cuts some fat around the bezel area, as it will give the smartphone an overall sleek look, something which has been well visualized in the concept above.

It remains to be seen which route, in terms of design, Apple will take when it comes to the iPhone 7. If early leaks are anything to go by, then it's likely that the upcoming flagship from Cupertino will lose the antenna bands and the dreaded camera hump. And something which keeps on popping up from time to time is the going away of the headphone jack, whose news has somewhat outraged a lot of users out there.

We'll know for sure in the coming days what becomes of the iPhone 7 behind the scenes. Till then, we have iPhone 7 concepts to look at, like the one above. Be sure to let us know in the comments section what you think about it.