Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.21 Released; Release Notes Inside

Aernout van de Velde
horizon zero dawn patch 1.21

Developer Guerrilla Games has released Horizon Zero Dawn patch 1.21, which fixes various progression issues, technical issues and crashes.

The update for Guerrilla’s latest title just went live, and down below you’ll find the official release notes:

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• Fixed an issue with the lure call, where some players could lure bandits from the other side of the bandit camps, by reducing its range.

• Fixed an issue where for some players ‘Strike from Above’ would not activate when coming from a zip line.

• Fixed an issue with ‘Strike from Above’ where for some players Aloy would get stuck until the strike would be completed.

• The ‘Inactive Quests’ toggle option now also filters the ‘New Quests’ icons from the map screen.

• Fixed an issue with the interaction markers when set to ‘always off’ in the custom HUD menu. If some players positioned the camera through a bandit’s body the interaction markers would appear visible again.

• Fixed an issue with the ‘Show HUD on touch’ menu option not resetting to the default value.

• Fixed an issue where some players would not get a notification when they have leveled up if they had the ‘XP bar’ feature set to ‘always off’ in the custom HUD menu.

• Fixed an issue where some players could suddenly be thrown from a Tallneck’s head and killed when it makes a very sharp turn during its path.



• Fixed an issue where changing poses after throwing a rock would cause conflict between animations where Aloy’s body would begin to bend, twist and spin rapidly.

• Fixed an issue with the ‘Look At’ toggle and Body Poses being available during hit reactions that Aloy triggers on herself such as falling and grenade damage.

• Fixed an issue with Aloy twisting and bending if the player selects the ‘Look At’ toggle shortly after closing the focus.

• Fixed an issue where having previous Photo Mode settings active whilst in a new instance of Photo Mode with the Focus open would cause animation issues when pressing the triangle button.

• Fixed an issue with the ‘Greetings’ option whilst on top of the Spire, it would state the player is located in the Estate.

• Fixed an issue with the ‘Greetings’ option where the wrong weather effect would be mentioned while at Mother’s Crown.

• Fixed an issue with the ‘Field of view’ option where it could cause several level of detail issues especially when overlooking Meridian.



• Fixed an issue in “Hunter’s Blind” where some players cannot progress past Hunter’s Blind and follow Talanah because Aloy was bound to the sequence of “The City of the Sun” quest.

• Fixed an issue in “Underequipped” where some players encountered that one of the objectives would become blank once completed if the player started the quest at Hunter’s Gathering.

• Fixed an issue in “Maker’s End” where some players were able to avoid a progression trigger, resulting in the player getting stuck on the ‘Go to Ted’s Office’ objective.

• Fixed an issue in “Deep Secrets of the Earth” where some players were not able to obtain the datapoints in Sobeck’s office if the player wants to pick them up after the explosion caused by Helis, as they have disappeared.


• Fixed various miscellaneous crashes.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now for PlayStation 4 (and PS4 Pro).


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