Home Charger 4500 from Arctic Offers Four 4500mA Ports for Faster Charging

The Home Charger 4500 from Arctic offers four 4500mA ports for faster charging. You can now plug in four different devices via the USB port and charge them with lightning fast speeds. More on that after the jump.

Home Charger 4500

Home Charger 4500 from Arctic with Four Ports Unvieled

For the better part of one’s day, one spends countless precious minutes charging the phone all the while other activities going on side by side resulting in you missing your calls and messages. One spends hundreds of dollars on such devices and is not even provided the courtesy to spend as much time with them as one needs on top of which they test one’s patience. There is absolutely no reason to wait long hours for your devices to hit that prices 100% mark. The new and powerful Home Charger 4500 by Arctic, you cannot just charge a single device at a time, but do so at turbospeeds with four different devices, provided they use USB chargers.

The gadget consists of two regular ports, while two are specially developed quick-charging ports which ensure simultaneous, lightning fast charging for several different smartphones and tablets. The latest USB 3.1 is supported which naturally means extra boost. In order for you to keep an eye on the charge status, LED indicators are mounted for each port including a combined display. Moreover, overload protection is provided which will protect your device and the charger from overheating. The overall design is very compact which makes it incredibly portable.

This particular charger is available at Arctic.ac, Amazon and Tntrade (Czech). Following are some quick facts about the charger:

  • Four USB ports for ultra-fast charging
  • USB 3.1 support naturally offering more speed
  • LED indicators for each port and a combined display
  • Output: 4500mA
  • Overload Protection
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