Arctic Offers Intel LGA1700 Mounting Kit For Specific Coolers For Free, Beginning In October

ARCTIC will begin shipping compatible Intel LGA1700 upgrade kits for select lines of their cooler series for PCs. These will be offered free of charge, as long as you can provide proof of purchase of both the ARCTIC select cooler and the new Intel LGA1700 socket.

A selection of ARCTIC coolers can be upgraded to be compatible with Intel socket LGA1700. This however requires additional parts.

Below is a list of the upgradable coolers:

  • Liquid Freezer II series
  • Freezer 50
  • Freezer 34 eSports series

If you are owner of one of those coolers and have purchased a new platform using Intel socket LGA1700, you can request below a free of charge upgrade kit.

Many companies have started similar programs recently with the information of the Intel LGA1700 socket having a slightly different spacing than previous iterations. Intel is also planning to change CPU cooler mounting heights, forcing companies such as Arctic to be able to fabricate upgrade kits for the new socket.

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ARCTIC is planning to manufacture compatible LGA1700 kits for a majority of their other cooling solutions beginning in the middle of October 2021. This covers the complete Liquid Freezer II series, the complete Freezer 34 series, and three other Freezer lines—the Freezer i13 X and Freezer i13 X CO coolers, as well as the Freezer 50 cooler.

Once the LGA1700 compatible mounting kits become available for the series of coolers mentioned above, ARCTIC will charge a service fee of €5,99 ($7.04) on their web shop. It is unknown if that covers shipping, both local and internationally. The ARCTIC Intel LGA1700 Upgrade Kit page does not mention pricing initially on the page.

ARCTIC's newest CPU air cooler, the i35 A-RGB, will be their flagship CPU cooling solution product that will fully support the new Intel LGA1700 Alder Lake compatibility and is planned to be available by the last part of October 2021.

If you own an ARCTIC cooling product as mentioned above, please refer to this page to begin the process of receiving the compatible LGA1700 upgrade kit. Remember to provide proof of purchase of the corresponding ARCTIC cooler and proof of purchase of the Intel Alder Lake CPU.

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