Hitman 3 Reveals its October Roadmap Which Brings A Sandman Suit and Halloween Contracts

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The month of the terrors has begun, and IO Interactive will prepare for the spooks with some exclusive content for Hitman 3. First, we have the addition of the mythical weapon known as the BANANA alongside several other goodies, including a Sandman outfit and, as you'd expect, some cool Halloween-themed contracts.

So anyway. Here's the full roadmap so you know what to expect from Hitman 3 in October.

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  • October 6: New Challenge - Unlock Agent 17’s Signature Suit
  • October 7 (until Oct 17): Elusive Target: The Politician
  • October 13: Elusive Target Arcade – Unlock The Banana
  • October 13 (until Oct 23): Play For Free - Sapienza Landslide
  • October 20: Mills Reverie - Unlock The Sandman Suit
  • October 20: Featured Contracts - Halloween Edition!
  • October 28 (until Nov 7): Elusive Target - The Appraiser

And below, you can see the video that showcases what you can expect out of the latest roadmap:

This month brings a new challenge in Mendoza where you can unlock Agent 17's Signature Suit.  This mission exists to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Agent 17 was a real headache for many players back in 2002, and now you can plot the ultimate revenge by wearing his suit.

The Banana, the deadliest weapon of them all, will be available on October 13 as an unlock that can be added to your collection of weapons permanently. It can be thrown, placed, and works perfectly as a little snack on longer missions. It is simple – It’s a banana. Bask in all its glory with the picture below:

Hitman 3

October 20 will bring a new costume for Halloween enthusiasts and some new contracts themed around the holiday. Completing the Sandman Challenge in the Mills Reverie will net you a neat Sandman suit which is a rugged, sturdy oil skin coat, with equally horrifying worn overalls and shirt to match.

Two elusive targets make a return during October, the Appraiser and The Politician. The Politician sees you taking down a target in Hawke's bay on October 13. The target has a body double, though... And only the real target counts. The Appraiser sees you take down a target in the Isle of Sgail and will be available on October 28.

Hitman 3 is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Stadia, and Switch (via the Cloud). If you want to know more about the upcoming Freelancer mode, there will be a Closed Test for Steam users in the month of November.

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