Hitman 3 Development Has Begun, Trailer for New Hitman 2 Siberia Sniper Map Released

Hitman is one of those franchises where it always seems like the latest entry could be the last. Sure, there’s been a lot of Hitman games, but they don’t tend to be blockbusters sellers and IO Interactive are now out on their own as an independent studio, so another Agent 47 adventure is far from a sure thing. 

Thankfully, it seems another Hitman is indeed on the way. In a new Noclip documentary about IO Interactive’s rise following their split from Square Enix, it’s confirmed that Hitman 3 is happening, and that it may once again take an episodic approach. The whole documentary is worth a watch, but you can jump to the 36:45 mark for the relevant portion. 

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Earlier this year, IO Interactive opened up a new studio across the bridge [from Copenhagen] in Malmo, Sweden, and while much of the team is working on new Hitman content and looking ahead to a new third Hitman game, one [IO CEO Hakan Abrak] says may again go episodic, the majority of the studio is working on something secret, and, rather excitingly, something new.

In other Hitman news, IO has released a trailer for Hitman 2’s new Siberia Sniper Assassin Map. Check it out below. 

In this latest map for Sniper Assassin mode, players must eliminate two targets and incite a prison riot to cover their tracks. The two primary targets within the mission are Roman Khabko, a renowned Russian mobster with suspected political ties, and Vitaly Reznikov, warden at the privately-owned prison who has been offered a bribe to facilitate an early release for Khabko.To complete the mission, both targets must be eliminated along with Reznikov’s mercenary guards, known as the Siberian Tigers. Players must take them out before it’s too late as Khabko’s release could set off a chain of events with negative diplomatic implications. 

The new map is packed with opportunities, achievements and hidden secrets to explore, along with unique gameplay moments allowing players to hide bodies and set entire buildings on fire by steering the prison riot around the facility. Completing challenges within the mission will also progress mastery with the ICA Druzhina 34 Arctic sniper rifle, Agent 47’s weapon of choice for this assignment. 

The new Sniper Assassin map will be available tomorrow (July 30) for those who bought the Gold Edition of Hitman 2 or the $40 Expansion Pass

Hitman 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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