Calling All Cybersecurity Enthusiasts – Wccftech Security Section Is Hiring

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If you are a tech aficionado who is obsessively suspicious of tech gadgets almost to the level of paranoia, then we are looking for you! You don't believe the security features being touted by the product makers? You don't trust your data is actually private when you are using a VPN service? You don't understand people who say "why fear when you have nothing to hide"?

If you are someone who is passionate about what we cover at Wccftech and want to help us delve deeper into the cybersecurity issues and traverse the dark corners of the web, then get in touch.

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Wccftech security reporter - eligibility requirements

All we need from you is to be critical and be able to see through the charms of a shiny new product. While we are quite flexible with our hiring, you will have to demonstrate you have the required passion and knowledge needed for this job. You:

  • Love all things technology beyond the AMD vs Intel and iOS vs Android wars
  • Can dissect vulnerability reports and present them to be easily readable by the wider audience
  • Have contacts in the security community, especially with white hat hackers
  • Can search for unreported stories that would interest our Wccftech community
  • Have prior journalism experience in cybersecurity [will be considered an important asset]

We are flexible with hours but you will be required to be available for timely reporting of breaking news from 10am ET to 6pm ET. If you are someone who has proven experience in security reporting, drop us a line at or use the careers page. Don't forget to mention "cybersecurity" in the subject line.

Note: candidates from the US, UK, and Canada with the right experience will be preferred.

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