Hilary Wants Free China… Give Me a Break!

Now that is the message she gave away today in her press conference where the Secretary of State and ex-First Lady of United States urged the Freedom of Speech and Expression over the Internet. Great, I say absolutely great but then again, just rewind a couple of days ago when a young man was arrested in UK by Anti-Terrorist squad for "tweeting" an alleged bomb hoax on Twitter. Where was the freedom of speech and human rights then. Yes, I agree that information should be available freely but without monitoring, it can and is polluting gullible minds.

I am not all for suppressing any one but then again targeting China for Google, well I can tell that the US Govt. can see the greens flying away because if Google does pull out of China, there will a huge revenue loss to US from Google. Trailing just behind China's top search engine baidu.com, Google is most widely used but due to Chinese Govt restrictions, Google censors its search results. After the hack attack and then human rights issue, Google first told China it would stop its service and pull out its business from the People's Republic but then the US Govt. intervened. More like telling Google, "are you out of your frakin' mind?" China is Internet's money making gold mine, you get out and we are in trouble. So now, all the US Govt. is working on is to tell China to have an amicable solution to this whole fiasco.

Mentioning the Arab world and countries which filter its web searches and have blocked sites, well here's the news. Almost all Muslim countries have put up bans on pornographic, Anti-Islamic & Anti-Government sites. Reason, simple, religious beliefs, political beliefs and social beliefs. US must understand that although Internet is a free medium and we love it to be one, each and every country has their own laws and US must not try to Police them into something they do not believe in. The US Government is already under pile load of crap they've been pulling along from Iraq and Afghanistan war and this new front would just not cut for them

I think that it would be a wrong move for US to try to tame China over something they are not going to agree upon and work up on its own Internet and Cyber Space policies. More aggression by US will only result in China telling Google to punch out rather than Google giving empty threats. This is not about just Internet any more, it has crept way beyond it and today's speech by Hilary Clinton is an evidence of US naiveness of what's to come...!

PS. US Government has been using keywords tracking, phone tapping, surveillance, chat monitoring and many more tools to keep an eye on its own citizens for the past decade... without the notice of the people. What happened to the Bill of Rights? As it is said, those who live in a glass house must change clothes in the basement 🙂

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