Hideo Kojima Teases His Next Game Concept With a Clue-Packed Image

Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding finally arrived last month, and is still generating plenty of spirited discussion, but it seems Hideo Kojima himself is already on to his next thing. While most of the office is out for the holidays, Kojima is apparently using the peace and quiet to get to work on his next game concept. The iconoclastic designer tweeted out this Easter-egg-filled image earlier today.

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Boy, Kojima sure does keep a cluttered desk! Of course, most of that stuff is meant to tease, uh, something. The most obvious thing is the sand dune on Kojima’s PC, hinting at a very different atmosphere than the Icelandic-inspired environments of Death Stranding. We also have a cast of Norman Reedus’ face, a caveman or gorilla skull, a rubber duckie, a Rotten Tomatoes stress ball, a copy of Wired magazine, a Sony Walkman, a Japanese book with a band (*squints* maybe Joy Division or New Order?) on the cover, and about a dozen other references I’m sure I’m missing.

What could it all meeeeean? Well, at this point, probably not all that much. Again, Kojima is still working on the concept, so this could just be a bunch of random stuff that happens to be bouncing around his twisted mind. Or, maybe it’s much more simple – Kojima’s sitting in his silent office looking at a picture of a hill of sand on his computer. Kojima has already seemingly teased a return to horror, possibly even the sadly-cancelled Silent Hills, might be next on the docket. Or maybe his next thing will be a game about Norman Reedus and his pet Gorilla roaming the Sahara desert listening to British post-punk and fighting plastic ducks. Who the hell knows?

What do you think Kojima might be teasing? What do you hope his next thing will be?

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