‘Hey Spotify’ Virtual Assistant is Now Rolling Out to Spotify Users on iPhone and Android


If you have been waiting for Spotify’s virtual assistant to arrive on your iPhone and Android then you do not have to wait that long.

Spotify is Rolling Out the Much-Awaited Hey Spotify Voice Assistant to iPhone and Android Users

Spotify has started to roll out its virtual assistant to iPhone and Android users in the United States. You should be receiving a notification for it, just tap and you will be asked to grant microphone access. Once enabled and done, you can just say ‘Hey Spotify’ and ask those burning music related queries to get things going.

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Keep in mind that this works only when the Spotify app in running, on display and the device is obviously awake. And unlike Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, Hey Spotify is limited to just music, so do not go on asking what the weather is like outside. You can, however, ask it to play some tunes.

In order to enable Hey Spotify right away, launch the Spotify app, tap on Settings on the home screen and then select Voice Interactions, from here just enable Hey Spotify.

We are not sure how useful this assistant will prove to be for a lot of users out there as a lot of people simply rely on their fingers and thumbs to hunt down a song or playlist. And since it requires you to keep the phone awake to make use of, therefore using it while running is basically out of the question.

Only time will tell how this one pans out. In the meantime, enjoy another virtual assistant which you did not ask for.