Here’s Your Look At Some Official Galaxy S23 Cases

Furqan Shahid

The Galaxy S23 series is less than a month away from going official, and as expected, we are getting more leaks every single day. Over the weekend, we managed to look at the official renders of all three phones, and today, we have a look at some of the official case renders of the upcoming devices.

As we all know, Samsung has a habit of releasing cases that correspond to the colors of their phones, and it is no different this time around too. The Galaxy S23 cases will be offered in multiple materials, including leather.

Official Galaxy S23 cases show how the phone will look like, including a dark blue color that might be coming as well

The leak we have is coming from our friends over at, and you can have a look at the renders below:


At this point, looking at the Galaxy S23 cases should not really surprise you. However, the one interesting thing to note here is that in the first image, you can see a blue-colored case, as well. Now, this can be an oversight at first, but if you have been keeping up with the leaks, you will know that there is no sign of a blue Galaxy S23 in the first place. This could very well belong to a Samsung Store-exclusive variant of the phone, something the company is known for.

The cases all look as one would expect, and there is nothing wrong with it, either. These first-party cases are definitely worth the money and have excellent fit and finish. The leather, of course, is my favorite, mainly due to the patina it develops over time, but there is going to be plenty to choose from when it comes to your Galaxy S23.

The registrations for the Galaxy S23 are open, and you can check this link in case you are interested.

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