Here’s How You Can Check Your iPhone Battery On Apple Watch

Ali Salman

Your iPhone and Apple Watch work together in a seamless manner. Since the Apple Watch is the company's most personal device yet, it acts as a channel to your iPhone, allowing you to interact with various types of apps, check messages, make calls and much more. Even though Apple's wearable allows you to change system-level settings, there are things that it still lacks. One missing feature in the Apple Watch is that you cannot check the battery life of your iPhone on the Watch.


Check iPhone Battery On Apple Watch With Power - Glance At Battery Life

Even though your iPhone has the ability to show Apple Watch battery life in the Notification Center, it would have been great if the Watch did the same for its complementary device. While the gap persists, developers have worked in a profound manner to fill it. The app is called Power - Glance At Battery Life. As the name suggests, the app sits in the glances that allows users to check the iPhone battery life right from the watch face.


Power - Glance At Battery Life is a plain simple app, designed to fulfill the purpose it was developed for. It shows all the basic information that you would need to check the battery life of your iPhone, the charging status and a little more. If you're interested in the Power - Glance At Battery Life, you will have to navigate to the iOS App Store and purchase the app. The app costs a mere $1.99. When the installation process is finished, follow the procedure below to begin.

Power Apple watch
  • Open the stock Apple Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to the list of apps which can be installed on the Apple Watch
  • In the given list, locate the "Power" app.
  • Tap the app to access app settings.
  • Select both options, "show in Glances" and "show app on Apple Watch"

That's it to setting the app for use. You can now simply raise your wrist and swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the Glances. Now navigate to the Power glance and monitor the battery life of your iPhone. As straightforward as the Power app seems, it is quite useful at times when your iPhone is in your pocket or your bag. So head to the App Store and give Power a swirl.


This is it for now, folks. how bad do you need this Power glance on your Apple Watch? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Download Power - Glance At Battery Life 

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