Here’s How iOS 10.3 Stacks Up Against iOS 10.2.1 In A Speed Test Comparison – Video


Yesterday, Apple had seen fit to release iOS 10.3 for compatible iPhone and iPad models. While the update, per se, is pretty big on its own, bringing quite a handful of changes to the operating system, the real world performance is always something that remains to be seen. So let's shed some light on how iOS 10.3 stacks up against iOS 10.2.1 in a speed test comparison.

iOS 10.3 Shows An All Round Improvement In Different iPhone Models

Apart from a bunch of new features, the update also incorporates Apple's new file system, APFS. The Apple File System leads to a noticeable jump in performance and fluidity of the operating system. The comparison ranges from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6s, which will provide a deeper insight to what the latest firmware has to offer in terms of performance. Check out the comparison below for an in-depth detail.

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As per the speed test comparison conducted by iAppleBytes, boot times have slightly improved on all variants of the iPhone on which the speed test was performed. Notably, the boot up speed was more evident on older iPhone models. It is definitely a plus for older iPhone models to feature faster boot up speed since they incorporate older internals.

The app load time on all iPhone models running iOS 10.3 was observed to be faster. However, the system animations and transitions have been shortened in iOS 10.3, which contributed in opening the apps faster. Overall, this contributed in a much smoother system performance.

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In addition to this, when iPhone models running iOS 10.3 and iOS 10.2.1 were compared in benchmark results, the comparison did not yield out a gigantic difference. So no major bump in performance can be experienced if we solely base our judgement on the benchmarks. Nonetheless, if you use one of these devices on the latest iOS version, 10.3, you will definitely provide improved performance. On all iPhone models, the iOS 10.3 operating system showed more or less the same score.

If you have updated your iOS device to the latest iOS 10.3 firmware and have noticed that the device is taking longer to boot up, do not be alarmed. This is because the new Apple File System takes time in conversion that takes place during the first boot after updating. You will notice that the subsequent boot ups are faster as can be seen in the videos above.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the iOS 10.3 vs iOS 10.2.1 speed test comparison? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.