Here Is Your First Look at OnePlus 11

Furqan Shahid
Here is Your First Look at OnePlus 11

If all goes accordingly, the OnePlus 11 should be launching next month with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, along with other goodies that the company typically offers. We already know what the phone looks like thanks to some prior leaks, and today, we get our hands on a brand new set of renders showing us the camera sensors, LED flash, Hasselblad branding, and everything else you want to know about.

The OnePlus 11 is leaked once again thanks to Steve H. McFly in association with Gadget Gang; Steve's track record with leaks is impeccable, so we have no reason to doubt that these renders are not legit.

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The OnePlus 11 Looks To Be Lost in Finding Its Identity

Still, you can look at the OnePlus 11 below:

Now, looking at the render, I love the fact that the original sandstone finish is coming back, and the green looks like something that we have seen before. What I cannot say that I like is the camera island because it is just massive and, honestly, very unsightly. If you want to do a good camera island, learn from the likes of Samsung and Google, who have been doing it without the back of the phone looking very intrusive. Not just that, even the Hasselblad branding looks like someone did a lousy job with market placement because this looks strange to be placed in the center.

Whatever the case might be, OnePlus might end up changing the positioning, but I doubt anything can be done about the way the phone looks. And who knows, maybe we do end up running into some people who still appreciate the way this phone is designed.

Based on the information we have, the OnePlus 11 should be going official later in January 2023, but we are not sure if there is going to be a OnePlus 11 Pro this time around.

Let us know what you look forward to the most in the comments below.

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