Here Is How You Can Increase Your Storage On Your 13 inch MacBook Air


After you have purchased your 13 inch MacBook Air and found out after several months that there is insufficient storage present in this notebook, what exactly can you do about it without spend a fortune all over again? TarDisk has the solution just for you.

TarDisk Brings Expandable Storage To Your 13 Inch MacBook Air, But It Is Still Going To Cost You

According to the company, TarDisk Pear is a brand new customized SD card solution that is inserted straight inside the SD card slot of your MacBook Air. Keep in mind that this option is not available for your 12 inch MacBook or 11 inch MacBook Air because none of these two machines provide support for an SD card slot. Moving on, a regular consumer might be thinking that why don’t they just purchase a regular SD card and they will have instant expandable storage. Here is the reason why; the primary difference between a regular SD card and a TarDisk Peak is that it creates a new logically merged volume managed by OS X.

According to the company, this is a more accurate description of TarDisk Pear:

“Unlike most external hard drives, where manual file allocation is necessary, this SD card creates a hybrid drive, combining the card and the internal hard drive into one. When installed, the hard drive is increased by up to 256GB and the product lies flush with the side wall of the laptop.”

Additional advantages of owning this product is as follows:

  • TRIM enabled SSDs maintain original speed benefits of Trim
  • Read/Write buffer (“swap-space-equivalent”) is maintained on SSD to buffer writes to files located on the product

The only issue that arises from purchasing such form of storage for your MacBook Air is that it will still cost you, and its price tag is much higher compared to the prices stamped on high capacity SD cards. Starting off, the 128GB storage variant will set you back by $149, while the 256GB variant will cost you $399. While this is an expensive investment in an attempt to upgrade your storage capacity, you will have to agree that it is much more resourceful than spending an exorbitant amount on purchasing a brand new MacBook Air with more storage.

Additionally, you will get the extra speed, which we have to say might be slower than the PCI-e type storage incorporated inside the MacBook Air, but it is much faster than the SD cards available in the market. If speed is something that you desire, then TarDisk Pear is a storage product that you should consider for your expensive machine.