Here is How Much You Will Have To Pay For The Galaxy S23

Furqan Shahid
Here is How Much You Will Have to Pay for the Galaxy S23

The Galaxy S23 series is going official in less than two weeks, and the good thing is that so far, we have heard almost everything that we need to know. Yesterday, the specs of all three models leaked extensively, and we have previously seen renders of all three devices. The price was the last piece of the puzzle, and today, we have the puzzle complete.

Someone on Reddit seems to have gotten their hands on an internal document or infographic that has the price of all three Galaxy S23 models listed. I am calling it an internal document because it refers to these devices as diamond, which, if you don't know, is the codename for these devices.

The Galaxy S23's official pricing is the final piece in the puzzle

You can have a look at the pricing below:

The DM1 is, of course, the Galaxy S23, starting at $799. We then see a $200 bump for the plus variant and another $200 bump for the Ultra variant. It is worth noting that these prices are for the base variants only, and the higher you go, the more premium you pay.

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At this point, nearly everything about the upcoming Galaxy S23 series has been confirmed. We have seen how the phones look, we have seen the specs, and now we have our hands on the official pricing. Although this pricing is for the U.S. region, you can also expect similar pricing after being adjusted in your regions.

So, there you have it; you now have your hands on the official pricing of the Galaxy S23 series. Do you think you are going to go ahead and reserve one for yourself? If so, you can do it over here and let us know what you think about these prices.

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