Here Is How Much It Costs To Make An iPhone 6s Plus


Previously, the estimated cost of making an iPhone 6s was reported by us and now, we have compiled a large amount of detail on how much it actually costs to make the tech giant’s phablet sized flagship smartphone, iPhone 6s Plus.

The Base Storage Model Of iPhone 6s Plus Costs $231.50 – See All The Cost Details Of The Remaining Models Right Here

According to details provided by IHS iSuppli, we have come across the cost details of iPhone 6s Plus. After IHS iSuppli's tore down the smartphone, the bill of materials for a 16GB version, which is the starting model of the smartphone comes to $231.50. However, thanks to additional manufacturing costs and other minor items, the overall cost is raised to $236. According to the source, one of biggest cost additions to iPhone 6s Plus happens to be the company’s 3D Touch, which adds about $10 to the overall component cost.

The overall cost is also $16 higher in comparison to the cost of the company’s previous flagship phablet, iPhone 6 Plus. Andrew Rassweiler, who is the IHS Technology senior director of cost benchmarking services, had this to say concerning the overall cost variable of iPhone 6s Plus.

“3D Touch and Apple’s Taptic engine are among the more notable feature upgrades found in this latest round of iPhones. With each generation the company makes measured, incremental technology improvements to its iPhone line, and this time around those changes are increasing Apple’s per-unit material cost.”

Out of all the components that comprise up of iPhone 6s Plus, the most expensive one happens to be its display, which when combined with 3D Touch, brings a grand total of $52.50. The second most expensive component(s) are the iPhone’s rear and front camera sensor, which cost a total of $22.50, followed by Apple’s A9 SoC, which costs $22.00. Coming to cost differences when comparing the storage model of iPhone 6s Plus, Rassweiler had this to say.

“NAND Flash is now so cheap it’s almost irrelevant, but Apple monetizes this difference with consumers, to the tune of $100 for each additional step up in memory capacity. For example, a 64 GB iPhone now costs Apple about $17 more to make than a 16 GB iPhone, but Apple charges iPhone buyers $100 more for the increased memory. This is part of Apple’s ongoing strategy to improve profits by selling a product mix that is heavier in the higher-end iPhones.”

Keep in mind that the aforementioned costs do not include the funds that goes into the sufficient research and development process, along with software development and optimization costs. Additionally, licensing costs and calculating a respectable profit margin might appear higher to you guys because the additional costs are not incorporated into the manufacturing of iPhone 6s Plus. Furthermore, we had reported that both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were able to survive a whole hour while submerged in water, so forming a robust chassis would have also cost a lot of money.

What do you guys think of iPhone 6s Plus? Is the price justified according to the estimated cost of the smartphone? Do tell us your thoughts.