Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast Is a ‘Free Playable Sequel’ Chapter Out Now on Steam

Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast

Hellpoint developer Cradle Games has a surprise for fans. While everyone is waiting for the full game to drop on April 16th, they've just released what they're calling a 'free playable sequel' now on Steam.

Here's a description taken from the store page:

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The Thespian Feast presents a chapter from the sequel of the story of Hellpoint, a dark and challenging action RPG where the line between science and occultism is unclear.

Many decades after the incident, someone finally manages to reach the forsaken space colony of Irid Novo. What the investigator finds defies any form of reason, but a morbid obsession pushes him forward. If death doesn't come first, insanity will surely have the better of him.

Matt Boudreau, Creative Director at Cradle Games, said in a press release:

For those who've been following us for some time, this is the map from the very first demo we released four years ago. In the final game, this is the sixth map if you follow the main path and I think players will find it interesting to see how much the game has progressed since then. The area is totally overrun by the Thespian demons, a race of flesh sculpting monsters and blood feasting degenerates. Compared to the 2016 demo, The Thespian Feast features completely new enemies and a new brutal boss fight. And don't forget the split-screen co-op!

Now, Hellpoint is also coming out on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One beyond PC. Is The Thespian Feast due to launch on these platforms as well? We reached out to published tinyBuild and got the following answer:

This playable sequel chapter is an experiment for us, as a publisher. We shall see how it will be received and then we will discuss if we want to bring it to other platforms.

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