Having Charging Issues After Updating to watchOS 8.3? Try this Temporary Fix

Uzair Ghani
Apple Watch users facing charing issue with watchOS 8.3

Is your Apple Watch facing charging issues after updating to watchOS 8.3? The issue is real and there’s a temporary fix available.

watchOS 8.3 Not Playing Nicely with Users; Causing Charging Issues on Apple Watch

Released over a week ago, watchOS 8.3 introduces a bunch of new features and fixes a lot of bugs. But in typical fashion, a new bug has been introduced as well and it affects those with an Apple Watch Series 7 running the latest software release.

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Here’s how the bug goes: you place your watchOS 8.3-running Apple Watch on a third-party charger, the watch charges for a few minutes and then does not. So, when you wake up the next morning, you realize that your Apple Watch was not charged at all. This issue does not manifest itself if you’re using the official Apple Watch charger. Only third-party chargers are affected for now.

We are sure that this issue can be fixed with a software update. But, when does that software update arrive is anyone’s guess at this point. Thankfully, there is a small fix which you have to go through every single time in order to bypass this bug. It simply involves restarting your Apple Watch by holding down the Digital Crown + side button until you see the Apple logo on the display and then placing the watch on charge. Apparently, if you do this, the Apple Watch will charge to a 100% without any issue.

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