Consider Coding Your Call of Duty? Pay What You Want for Hardcore Game Dev Bundle

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Oct 4, 2016

The hardcore game development bundle offers the following ten courses with over a 100 hours of premium training.

  1. Build iPad, iPhone & OS X Games for SpriteKit in Swift
    Get Your Hands Dirty Creating Real Games to Solidify Your Game Development Skills
  2. Game Developer Business & Legal Guide: Run an Indie Studio
    Navigate Business & Legal Issues without Shelling Out for a Lawyer
  3. iOS & OS X Game Development: From Start to Store in Swift
    Master a Tried-and-True Process to Turn Your Game Idea into a Published App
  4. 2048: Build Your First Complete Game with C# & Unity
    Clone This Popular Game to Master Important Game Development Principles
  5. Master Unity By Building 6 Fully Featured Games from Scratch
    Become a Full-Fledged 2D Game Developer Using This Popular Game Engine
  6. The Complete HTML5 Mobile Game Development Course
    Use the Phaser HTML5 Framework & JavaScript Technologies to Build Cross-Platform Games
  7. Learn to Code in Game Maker Language
    Quickly & Easily Develop Games Using This Popular Game Creation System
  8. The Complete Android Marshmallow Development Course
    Learn By Building 5 Phone & Smartwatch Apps For the Latest Version of Android
  9. Game Development Using Corona SDK with ASO & Ads
    Quickly Create Games Using This Powerful 2D Development Platform
  10. JavaScript Programming: Learn by Making a Mobile Game
    Dive into JavaScript’s Core Concepts By Building a Game From Scratch

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